Loyola University Maryland
Humanities Symposium 2022

This series of marketing graphics includes a composite image served as part of a communications campaign to promote the university’s annual Humanities Symposium.

Digital sign

The 2022 symposium text by Usual Le Guin – The Left Hand of Darkness – and the work of keynote speaker Jeff Vandermeer inspired the image.

Their works and the keynote speech contend with the relevant real-world themes of climate and ecology through science fiction.

The image formed from compositing over a dozen stock images in Adobe Photoshop into a single landscape of colliding climates. No artificial intelligence needed.

Digital signs as they appear through the Loyola University Maryland campus display network.

The event invites our community to read one work of literature and engage in a common discussion. serves as a week-long event series inspired by a single text for students, faculty, and the Baltimore community.

Instagram graphic