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Introduce 21 years of professional visual communication to your projects. I’m a graphic designer who loves to listen. International companies such as Amazon Web Services and NASA have hired me. My work for Baltimore Sun Media Group and Loyola University Maryland gave me the chance to give back to the local communities I love.

Graphic Design by Brian E. Young

Motion Graphic Portfolio

Illustrated and animated graphics

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Amazon Web Services
Cloud Computing Illustrated Banners

Each illustration is designed to take the abstract or technical concepts and tie them into what they can do for that aspect of the government, education, and nonprofit industries.

Amazon Web Services
Earth and Space Stickers

These fun illustrated stickers are meant to commemorate AWS services for space related programs.

Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Bands in the Sand (BITS) Retail Shirt

These designs were both sold as retail items for the annual Bands in the Sands, a fundraiser concert event on the beach’s of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s headquarters.

Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Critter T-shirts

These retail shirts are sold as a retail item with proceeds going to benefit the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

Maryland Live Casino
Clash of Kings Campaign

These composite images in the design convey a modern medieval theme. Cool and warm colors are used to emphasize the dimension of the stone textured shapes and letters.

Highwire Improv
Season 5 Teams Poster

This isometric objects allow for layering of different pieces of a word in different scales showing the building of imaginary worlds in improv. The sign names include improv teams and shows. The hanging moon, sun, and sky on strings ties into the idea of stage props and sets.

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Leukemia Ball Invitation

The theme of the Leukemia Ball of light is introduced in the design through composited textures and the trifold print invite in an untraditional vertical fold.

Illustrations for the promo book, My Best Mistake

The icons at the beginning of each chapter of this gift book for NASA’s internal distribution each illustrate a story within the collection of articles.

Loyola University Maryland

As part of a major rebrand of Loyola University Maryland’s viewbook, the aim is to highlight campus life through photography. The text design aimto be informative and easy to follow, helping new students find their interests quickly.

Loyola University Maryland
Rooted in Tradition, Adapting For the Future

This campaign piece shares the university values and new brand. I created and art directed the layout using icons designed by my fellow designers.

Baltimore Improv Festival
2019 Marketing Campaign

This aimed to be an evolution of the monster design from the previous year. The colors evolved to be more contrasted and the monster has a friendlier and more fun personality.

Baltimore Improv Festival
2018 Marketing Campaign

This postcard illustrated defined the brand for the marketing campaign. The playful monster invites audiences to come see the magical realism that often plays on the improv stage.

Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers
Baltimore Conference

This conference of aimed to connect the host organizations Loyola University Maryland and University of Baltimore to the greater innovation spaces. The look is architectural combined with softened round corners.

SECU Arena at Towson University
Builds of Greatness Donor Recognition Wall

This installation created for my client Towson University originally was to be housed at the offices of the Tiger Athletic Fund. The design evolved to take a wall at the SECU Arena. The donor names panel is designed to be updated regularly.

Loyola University Maryland:
Invitation, The John Early Society Christmas Party

Baltimore Sun Media Group
Maryland Family Magazine

20th Anniversary Issue

Baltimore Improv Group
Education A-Frame Signs

Loyola University Maryland
Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship,
Baltipreneurs Accelerator brand